Thursday, May 29, 2008

fickle dee dee!

Oh, my sweet earnest little self! You're so cute, how fickle you are!

I peed on a stick this morning, and it was negative. Because I'm spotting a little bit, and my temperature went down slightly. So this could be two things - it could be the start of my period, as it usually starts with spotting for a day before the deluge, and that would explain the temp dropping, although the drop was only slight and didn't go below my coverline. I wasn't expecting my period until Saturday, but I have been taking my supplements more regularly and sticking to my food restrictions, both of which contribute to me having a slightly shorter cycle. OR it could be implantation bleeding, a little on the late side but within the range of normal from the various things I've read. Today is 11dpo. And if that's what it is, then it's normal for the test to be negative cause the little bean sprouts only start producing hCG once they implant, right?

Oh, dudes! Whatever I thought about the 2ww being hard is out the window. The next day or so is going to bite! Here is where my neurosis will really kick in - I'm now kind of expecting that it's most likely my period coming a bit early. But my hope is still around, and my mind will be doing all kinds of wondering today. I'm sure I'll be running off to the toilet every 20 minutes to check on the state of the nation report in my panties.

Ack! I'm really ok either way, but the wondering is going to be rough today.


Io said...

I hope your panties report nothing.

kate said...

Ooh! I'm waiting with bated breath!

Spicy Sister said...

oh Anna!!! I keep forgetting to check your blog now that it's private it doesn't show up on my Google Reader. SO I am a little behind, but I saw that you tested today - TOTALLY normal, TOTALLY!!!!

I know at this point things could go either way, and I know you said that this cycle would be sort of a "gimme" or a test run if you will - but I know how high your hopes are right now, and my hopes are right there with them. I want so very much for this to be a magical, wonderful, POSITIVE week for you.

And also? Congrats on your job - I am soooooo jealous of you Canadians! When will the U.S. get its shite together and catch up with the rest of the developed world????? Sorry - just a little rant there....

I am hoping for you and am here for you whatever happens.